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About Us

Welcome to our company Locksmith Hyde Park

We have professional skills, are 24/7 and work with a mobile team. Our company is among the top contractors in Illinois and offers locksmith services fast. We provide lock repair, installation and can rekey or replace all types of high tech keys.

Address: E 53rd St
Chicago, Illinois
Zip code: 60615
Phone: +1-773-676-2119

Hours of Operation:

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Scheduled and emergency locksmith services for homes, offices and cars ranging from lock installation, repair, and rekey to key replacement

Locksmith Services in IllionisFor perfectly working locks and keys and optimal home, office and vehicle security, use the services of Locksmith Hyde Park. Our company has all the solutions that property owners require from lock repair to rekey and replacement. We run a 24-hour emergency service which includes much more than locked door opening. Our solutions for security improvement are used my numerous customers. In addition to upgrading locks, our team specializes in installing safes and master key systems. Our services cover absolutely all types of door locksets and keys from traditional mechanical units to ones that work with chips and use electric power.

Security Taken to New Levels

Based on our experience, the majority of homes do not have proper door security simply because of outdated or malfunctioning locksets. That is why our company offers a complete set of solutions to homeowners. Residential lock rekey is a quick and efficient solution that we implement as part of our emergency service and on a scheduled basis for restoring security. If major improvement is required, our technicians are available to install a more advanced locking device. It could be a mechanical deadbolt or an innovative electronic mortise set.

Our business customers require advanced security solutions and we, at "Locksmith Hyde Park", deliver. Our lock upgrading solutions include full assessment of the existing level of door security and assistance with the choice of new locking devices. Our company has the capacity to change the locks of a commercial building of any size. The fitting of commercial door closers is among our specialized solutions as well. All businesses can take advantage of our emergency services ranging from office lockout opening to rekeying.

Car owners have all sorts of problems with transponder keys, when in most cases they are either bent, stuck in the keyhole or lost. We resolve absolutely all of them in the shortest time. When you use a car key made or fixed by us, you will enjoy perfect performance and maximum convenience.

The advantages of our home, office and auto locksmith services include:

* Constantly available - Feel free to call us at any time of the day or night and we will come to you quickly to deal with the issue right there and then.

* Complete solutions - Our technicians always identify the root cause of the problem and eliminate it completely no matter how complex the work is.

* Advanced improvements - Enjoy maximum security with advanced locksets, door closers and safes fitted swiftly by us.

If you have any questions or you simply need a good advice, send us a message or give us a call.

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