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Stop wondering whether you can do things better when it comes to using and caring for door locks and keys. You can do better with the use of the practical tips which are available on this page. All of the advice is on locksmith topics which are of major interest to everyone.

Lock all windows

People put emphasis on the needs of their door locks and forget how important it is to take care of window locks, too. Our experts explain that many intrusions take place through windows. Did you know that many windows don't even have locks but just handles? It's best to install window security locks and make sure all windows remain locked at all times.

Securing your windows

Most of today's window locks are ineffective to a determined intruder. The most effective solution is to fit window locks that come with high security locks with keys to every downstairs window and any others that can be easily reached from the outside. Then, keep the keys in a safe place that's out of sight and reach, but near enough to the windows so you can find them easily in case of an emergency.

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